Luxury Live Wedding Streaming

Giving Guests All Over The World a Front Row Seat - 6 Cameras and Crystal Clear Sound
Royal weddings on the BBC have over 20 cameras discreetly placed in the ceremony. We discreetly use 6-8 cameras and a 3 man crew to offer truly amazing coverage of your wedding ceremony from the brides arrival until you walk out the church.

  1. Give guest all over the world a front row seat
  2. Private page on our site to share with your virtual guests
  3. Live broadcast the brides arrival and complete ceremony

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Snowbird were fantastic really captured our wedding in the best way possible way, would recommend without hesitation.
John lupton
Snowbird are outstanding cinematographers. They were attentive, took time which showed tremendously in the final piece. The films were amazing and I would recommend 100%.
Snowbird were amazing!!! First of all Ricky is well experienced and you can tell that even before you actually meet him. He is very informed and he guided us well with our recent wedding and all the restrictions due to the current pandemic. The films came out amazing and my wife and I are extremely pleased. Everyone commended us on how different and unique they are. Ricky was very patient and accommodating. I could really go on, but overall Ricky is highly recommended for any occasion. Thanks again Snowbird!
We came across Snowbird purely by chance online. How lucky were we!! We had excellent communication, Ricky was there directing his crew for the whole event from beginning to end, and organised all the filming and pictures,alongside our many personal requests as well. quality is film-like are absolutely fantastic, exceptionally clear, and have captured many many prescious moments of our wedding we thoroughly recommend this company !!
Sharon and Simon

Live Wedding Streaming - The Process

  • Lets chat about your day
  • We visit your venue and plan how to best film your wedding
  • We arrive early on the wedding day to setup and test everything
  • Using TV broadcast cameras, 2 camera operators and a mix/ stream operator
  • We use a range of microphones for crystal clear sound (choirs, ministers, groom, lecturn)
  • The stream goes live when your attending guest arrive, so that your virtual guest arrive at the same time
  • We can include photos, slideshows or video messages within your live stream or on your private webpage
  • Guests can include a comment on the live chat
  • Option of meeting your virtual guests directly after the wedding ceremony and chat (Zoom and a Large Screen)
  • After the stream has finished it will stay online until we send you the final version
  • The final version will be in full quality on USB and can include footage from before or after your ceremony
  • We can also live stream your wedding speeches / reception
  • Zoom can be used to include speeches from your virtual guests

Meet Our Amazing Team

Expensive Wedding Films


Our founder is Ricky who has over 20 years experience in filming not only wedding videos but is a live event expert including corporate and television work as well.

When making contact with 20 Media, Ricky would normally be the first person you speak to. He can help talk you through the live streaming process and your unique needs. He will attend your wedding as the main camera operator.

Ricky will help storyboard your requirements and then oversee everything and be you point of contact on your wedding day.

Award Winning

20 20 Media


Live Stream Operator (Owner)

From a young age (as you can see from the picture below !) David has had a video camera on his shoulder. Filming his first wedding at 15, the job has taken him all around the world ( Kenya, Canada, India, Barcelona, Trinidad, Belgium)

David will be the head live mixer and stream operator on your wedding day, directing his staff and operating specialist equipment. If you have a vision, David will know how to bring it to life!

Reg Video


Experienced Cinematographer

Reg has a highly trained and keen eye for that perfect shot! With many, many years experience, you mention it and Reg has probably experience in shooting it!

Now working creatively with cinematic style cameras, Reg real passion is great cameras, enjoying stage productions and live action filming.

He is always there to capture the important moments, with a full battery and a clear card!

Peter The Man


Peter has a vast knowledge of the video industry. The recent trend in Aerial videography, has fitted into his previous piloting experience.

Highly trained and experienced, peter has been filming for over 15 years and has a inside out knowledge of most cameras.