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School Christmas Play Filming

Expanding Areas of School Show Filming

Late November to mid December has become the time of Christmas show filming for us at 20 Media. It all started with a few schools looking for a better standard of production, after being let down by amateurs who were at the time dominating the market.

We wanted to bring the same broadcast level of production over to the school show level. Schools now invest. Heavily in the level of production of their shows, have great theatre spaces and sound systems and spend months planning and practicing the perfect show. This has made it allot easier and more important in capturing this on film in the best way possible.

We use multiple cameras, microphones and our expert knowledge of shows to create a production that you can be proud of.

Great Feedback - Ready and expanding for the 2021 Christmas school shows

Schools have gone from a side focus to a main area of our yearly productions. This is why we have expanded our expert team for this season and are now covering shows all over the South of England, Surrey, Sussex, London and Kent.

Restrictions and Options for 2021 School Shows

We understand that 2021 school shows will be under different restrictions depending on the current Covid pandemic. Throughout we have been flexible in filming times and have understood the need for longer filming slots and patience in filming and editing the productions. No matter the way you have decided to produce your show we can be flexible in production.

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