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Our Year of Live Streaming Weddings

Luxury Wedding Streaming For Discerning Clients in London and Surrey

Thank you so much for the video. It was absolutely fantastic and the editing was superb. Our family in Norway said they felt as if they felt as tho they were there.I can’t believe how many people were watching. How incredible! A lot of Norway family were all together at one event with a big screen so that accounted for about 20 people. I have watched it back several times and I am so grateful to have the memory and parts of the service that missed. Thank you. Xx

Covid has changed the luxury wedding market for the previous year, adding restrictions to numbers, travel and ultimately meaning more intimate affairs.

With this has brought about the need for giving guests all over the world a VIP front row seat but a virtual online seat. We wanted this experience to be amazing, we really wanted to enable guests online to feel like they were part of the day, using multiple angles, microphones for clear sound, only high quality broadcast cameras and a high quality stream.

Thinking through the experience brought us to mainly using YouTube as our preferred streaming platform. The main reasons for this were the amazing live chat functions that work on mobile as well as TV and desktop. YouTube is also reliable and offers a high bitrate (quality) and backup stream as standard.

Our Eye to Detail

We have received amazing feedback from our live streaming service from guests all over the world including people who work as directors of media companies including CNN. Having compliments from those in the know really give us the reward for our hard work.
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Live Wedding Streaming