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Preparing For Your School Chritmas Nativity Show: How to Organize Your Little Ones.

A Christmas nativity show is an exciting time for the whole community. From children to the elderly, everyone looks forward to the show. The performance is a lot of fun, but it can be hectic as well. The show requires a lot of preparation and organization in order to make sure that everything goes smoothly. In this article, I will be going over some tips on how to prepare for your school nativity show.

1. How to prepare for your school nativity show

Nativity shows are a big part of the Christmas season, so it's important to prepare for them. You will be able to get everything done in time, but starting now you can still make some preparations. You want to make sure that your show is the best it can be. - Make sure that you have your costumes plans ready.- Prepare your nativity scene and space - Plan your props. - Think about booking a company to record/ photograph your show - Practice your songs and dances.

2. How to get your children involved in the show

If you are planning on having a school nativity show, it is important to make sure that as many children are involved in the show as possible. This will help them learn about the story of Christmas and it will also help them become more excited about the show. You should also make sure that your children are prepared for the show. This will make sure that they are comfortable and that they are dressed appropriately. There are a few ways to prepare your children for the show. One way is to give each of them a small part in the show. If there are no main parts left improvise and have a special role for them (handing out leaflets, moving props etc. Another way is to ask them to help you with your costume/ prop preparations, The more rehearsals you can fit in the better, or even record a rehearsal for them to watch back the next day, that way they can see where they should be positioned and when they can't be heard etc (rather than you telling them!)

3. How to avoid stress

It can be a lot of work to put together a school nativity show. However, if you are prepared in advance, it will help to reduce any stress and ensure that the show goes smoothly. It is important to prepare for the show by coming up with an organization plan. This plan should include everything from the story line to the costumes, songs and props. You should also create a schedule for the day of the show. It is also essential to consider the lighting and sound of the show. It is important to have this all planned out so that you are not working on the day of the show. If you are having a Christmas show videographer, plan out a space for a tripod and camera with a good view of the show, this could meant a small stage or two tables at the back to use to get a good vantage point.

4. How to save time and money

Organising your school's nativity show is a big undertaking. You want to make sure that your school's nativity show is the best it can be. Here are some tips for preparing for your school's nativity show: - Find a place for all of the props to be stored. - Make sure that the props are easily accessible for your little ones. - Let your little ones know where to go and what to do. - Make sure your musical numbers are ready. - Make sure that you have enough volunteers to help you with the show and put each of these volunteers in charge of a group of children or lighting, props etc.

How to Sell Copies of Your Show in 2022

School and Dance show filming has been sold by the copy to parents by DVD for years, many due to the fact of low cost and it being a physical product people can receive. Another popular reason for DVDs is the fantastic cover designs.


As an industry we have been trying to move away from the DVD for years, offering digital downloads and more expensive (but much higher quality) USB stick.

Is a USB Stick The Answer?

Typically a show will require either a 16gb or 32gb USB stick. An amazon search will show prices starting from £6 a stick, however the cost can come down to under £4 when bought in bulk. USB sticks hold a HD or 4K copy of the show depending on how it was filmed and the size/cost of the USB. This increased cost is prohibitive for some when compared with the low cost of a DVD.

USB sticks do give the customer a physical product, however the cost of presenting a USB is also higher than a DVD case with cover. Just do a search for USB tins etc and you will see prices of anything up to £40. Finding the perfect solution for presenting USBs is not easy.

Our Current USB Solution

We have found branded USBs such as SanDisk work reliably and are the most compatible. We present these USBs in tins with a custom printed label placed on the tin.

We also offer a USB and DVD Combination

You may wonder why this could even be a solution. The cheapest packaging for USBS and also a way of packaging a USB is a DVD case with a USB slot built within it. The DVD is or relatively low cost (apart from time producing) and this combination enables easy storage for customers and a way of displaying tradition cover designs.

dvd cover

Is Download an Option Yet?

We have tried out many solutions of providing downloads. The benefits for us is that it is low cost and we can deliver the final show in the highest quality and compatibility possible. We can offer multiple-resolution options on one link to make it compatible with all devices.

There are however several issues with downloads. The number one for us is preventing sharing, it is not easy to prevent sharing of a link or the actual file itself.

Our Download Solution

We are happy to provide unlimited downloads if the school/ dance company agree to pay a agreed fee for filming and editing the production. We then provide a link for you to share amongst whomever you wish.

download show

A Product and Download Option

We also currently offer a free download with every DVD purchase (minimum order applies). This means you get a QR code on your DVD for you to download a high resolution copy.

dvd qr code

. - Streaming instead of Download

The download issue is the main reason "Hollywood" don't do it, they all offer streaming services and options (even when they call it purchase it remains on their platform and their property). This is probably the way forward and is already being offered by services such as Young Voices, you pay a fee and can login to a website to watch your show.

We are currently exploring an option of streaming via our website, then after 6 months you receive a download link.

We Also still offer DVDs and Live Streaming options.


Book in Your Christmas Play Filming

Its time to book in your Christmas show filming for 2022

Just a reminder to all our usual school to book in your 2022 Christmas show filming as soon as you know the dates to avoid disappointment.

You can book your show in by calling 020 86680018 or emailing team@20.media.


christmas 2022

New price and media options for 2022

We are now offering either a one off price to the school for a digital download, or a price per copy sold of a DVD or USB. We.make the same money from both a DVD or USB however the quality from the USB is much higher. We therefore are now offering a free digital download option via a QR code on the DVDs.

nativity filming

Quick turnaround before Christmas

For any show before the 12th December, we will be able to guarantee a 4 day turnaround from filming until you have the final version or copies.

school play filming

Reasons to Live Stream Your Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor Cereony Gardensa

Live-streaming has always been a beneficial idea for a wedding ceremony and reception–but in the last two years, due to the global epidemic, these live broadcasts have become more popular than ever in the wedding industry!

Whether your loved ones are living abroad or you're getting married intimately, live-streaming your wedding ceremony is still an excellent opportunity to make sure no one misses your wedding.
From the reasons to live-stream your wedding ceremony to the best live-streaming platforms, read on to know everything about live-streaming your wedding!

What are the reasons for live-streaming your wedding ceremony?

1. Live-stream your wedding for people whose schedules don't match:
Chances are your guest can cancel attending your wedding at the last minute because of conflicting schedules or other issues due to which their schedule just doesn't line up with your wedding date. You can still give them a chance to be a part of your big day by live-streaming your ceremony!
Many live-streaming platforms like Twitch let your guest watch your nuptial from virtually anywhere. Your virtual guests will love feeling like they're celebrating your union right alongside you, even if they're celebrating from afar.
2. Do it for a unique video of the wedding ceremony:
You may have booked a wedding photographer and a videographer who documents some of the most amazing moments of the day. But if you want to have an entire video of your wedding ceremony right on your phone, then it's a good idea to live-stream your wedding. 
Many live-streaming apps can automatically save broadcasts of your wedding. So, this is a big difference. Seeing your whole wedding day, again and again, is only possible when you live-stream your wedding.
3. Amazing keepsake for you & your loved ones:
It's a fact that parents get very emotional when their children get married. In the future, when they will see the whole wedding video or picture, it will be no less than a blessing for them to see again how it all went. Even everyone who is most close to you will also enjoy watching your entire wedding day video.
As mentioned above, live-streaming your wedding is a great idea to get a video of the whole wedding day. In modern times, this is truly the best and cheapest way to capture it all without missing a single moment. Thanks to the live-stream apps that provide us the opportunity to save a beautiful keepsake forever!
4. Affordable video options for the wedding ceremony:
A clear reason to choose a live stream for your wedding ceremony is that live-streaming is indeed the cheapest way to watch the wedding video without breaking the bank. Many couples plan their wedding on a tight budget and can't afford a professional videographer to document their day. 
Live-streaming is the most affordable video option for such couples to take in all the big day's enjoyable activities and beautiful moments. Today's technology has introduced high-quality mobile phone cameras that rival expensive cameras. With the help of these cameras, budget-conscious couples can still capture their wedding ceremony.


School Christmas Play Filming

Expanding Areas of School Show Filming

Late November to mid December has become the time of Christmas show filming for us at 20 Media. It all started with a few schools looking for a better standard of production, after being let down by amateurs who were at the time dominating the market.

We wanted to bring the same broadcast level of production over to the school show level. Schools now invest. Heavily in the level of production of their shows, have great theatre spaces and sound systems and spend months planning and practicing the perfect show. This has made it allot easier and more important in capturing this on film in the best way possible.

We use multiple cameras, microphones and our expert knowledge of shows to create a production that you can be proud of.

Great Feedback - Ready and expanding for the 2021 Christmas school shows

Schools have gone from a side focus to a main area of our yearly productions. This is why we have expanded our expert team for this season and are now covering shows all over the South of England, Surrey, Sussex, London and Kent.

Restrictions and Options for 2021 School Shows

We understand that 2021 school shows will be under different restrictions depending on the current Covid pandemic. Throughout we have been flexible in filming times and have understood the need for longer filming slots and patience in filming and editing the productions. No matter the way you have decided to produce your show we can be flexible in production.

View our Christmas School Show Filming

Snowbird Wedding Films - EPIC Training

Wedding Cinematographer Training - Way Beyond The Basics

I want to talk about how we teach our cinematographers to make the footage that they capture EPIC.

Heroic and impressive in style and quality.

We break down the word EPIC I’m training Wedding cinematographers , to help define our extra details we require that make our film that extra bit personal and special.

We do this training to teach all our cinematographers to think differently about their role in capturing people special days. Approaching each day with open eyes to the challenges and opportunities that it brings.

So E of the word EPIC is for everything.

You want to be aware of everything happening throughout the day and the order of events.

First thing to do is have a chat with the venues event organiser or toastmaster to gain as many details about things as possible. It important to approach the day with fresh eyes it’s great to have the experience of being a wedding videographer for hundreds of weddings because you can use that to get the sound right the camera settings right to be in the position early it’s great that the experience. But you want to see everything on the day you wanna see what’s different about the day. Also listen closely to what the bride, groom and organisers are telling you for clues about what’s important for to you capture form their point of view. If the bride mentions particular things that she has planned or organised then these will be especially important to capture on film. If you don’t have this quick chat some important little details to her can easily go un-captured, as they might e as small as hand written name tags on flowers or gifts etc.

P is for perspective

What perspective are you going to tell the story from your role as the filmmaker is the storyteller so how are you going to tell the story. You need to spend some time thinking about the people watching the final films and how you are going to tell them the story of the day.

This is an important step to really immerse the people watching the film. We often tell our videographers to start off the day capturing “behind the scenes”. An empty venue with setting shots and moving onto the bridal details and preparation and then the groom arriving . This is all stuff the average wedding guest will not get to see on the day itself. Then you move on to giving everyone watching a VIP front row seat (from multiple angles). of the big moments and then during the drinks reception and quieter times take a back seat approach and capture allot of natural reactions of the friends and family enjoying the day.

We teach all our cinematographers the Perspective approach as it really gets them to change the way they think about going about capturing the day and for keeping things interesting.

I is for initiative.

The power or opportunity to act or take charge before others do.

This ties in nicely with the preparation before and at the very start of the day. But when things don’t happen as expected that have the power and confidence to go off plan and make things work (or even work better) than before.

You need to make sure you are in the perfect position for all the big moments before other people are there. This will enable you as a camera operator to stay unobtrusive, rather than rushing to capture a shot!

C is for (true) cinematic,

The art of telling a story that complements the day.

That moves us onto the I which is for Interesting. We encourage our shooters to follow a variety of shooting styles throughout the day to complement what is happening around them. Too often a camera operator wants to capture fancy moment shoots all the time when it really isn’t needed. To keep things interesting it is important to let the action unfold in front of you and to only use movement when it adds to the story. We love slow cinematic moving shots, drone shots etc but we emphasise that the film should be about the day and what cinematic techniques complement each moment.

We teach our cinematographers when movement is needed, when close up and crushed backgrounds can work. When it is good to shoot an overview and when its get to capture shots right in the middle of the action. Keeping things interesting is mostly the job of the editor, but the camera operator is responsible for the footage on the day and needs to provide the editor with a complete set of shot options to help tell the story in a captivating way.

View Our
Luxury Bespoke Wedding Films

Snowbird Motion Wedding Films

How to Professionally film a Dance Show

How to Film a Dance show

How To Professionally film -

1) A Dance School Show

Whilst there are many similarities to filming all types of stage production, there are several things to consider when filming a dance show which are unique to dance. These include the rapid change of lighting environments and colour, pace of filming changes between acts and audio requirements.

Wide Camera Dance

How many cameras and how to set these up

With dance its important to show the choreography of each piece, you don’t want too many close up shots if they make you miss what is happening in the dance act. This is why I advise to not be too ambitious when filming a dance show, if you are only filming with one camera it is probably best to leave that camera covering the entire stage area throughout.

But this is how to professionally film a dance show with multiple cameras and 2 operators

  • Setup a wide camera covering the stage area. This camera angle will be highly used and should be zoomed in or out depending on the size of the group within each section. You want to see the entire troop, however if you can be as tight in as the limit of the act this always looks better. One way of doing this is to film at a higher resolution than your final output and crop in during the editing process.
  • Operated Camera Number 1. This camera operator has the role of covering the main part of the dance act, this includes anything that merges to the centre of the stage. The picture should be as wide as it takes to film from head to toe comfortably within the frame.
  • Operated Camera Number 2. This camera takes up a position complementing operated camera number 1. We have found this to be best right at the front of the stage area, giving a real front row seat, angle and perspective. Depending on the stage layout, where people go on and off and if they are visible, an angle to one side can also work well. When the groups are smaller or go centre stage this operator with zoom in tighter.
  • A fourth camera is a luxury and will provide an occasional shot to insert. We suggest either having a static nearer the front (if you can have an operator at the front). Or to use a fourth camera as a centre stage crop angle.

The main thing is to have good communication and understanding between both camera operators, they should know who follows stage left and stage right, also when the action is centre stage one should be tighter than the other.

Lighting conditions and pre filming checks

School Dance DVD

With modern colour changing led lights, lighting conditions can be easily changed between songs and whilst this is great for a live audience it can lead to complications with camera sensors. Flickering can occur with certain colours and if not setup correctly cameras can try to auto compensate for colour.

The first thing to do is to make sure all your cameras are set to manual white balance, ask the person in charge of the lighting desk to give you the main colour used throughout the show and set all your cameras manually to this colour. Then ask them to run through all the different lighting environments for you to establish if there are any issues with colour or if the shutter speed needs to e changed to compensate for flicker. The last thing to check will be the gain or ISO level flexibility to make sure you can properly expose your image under each lighting environment.

What you will often find is you may need to change your gain between a spot lighted scene and a blue scene to compensate for the harsh difference in lighting.

Pace of song and dance

A dance made up of younger children will give you the opportunity to capture higher shots of each child, as they are often slower paced. However during a fast paced act, you won’t have the opportunity to use too many tight shots, it is often best to set cameras to a more static mode and to cut between them as camera movement will just be distracting during these songs.

Sound capture and atmosphere

The relatively easy bit for dance productions is sound. It is best to take a music feed direct from the sound desk into either a recorder or your main operated camera to e monitored. Audio levels can often dramatically changed unless they have been balanced properly beforehand. Having someone on camera to up and down these appropriately can help. You may also want to capture an ambient microphone for tap dance and crowd reaction.

A post dubbed dance show often misses the atmosphere, however this is an option during certain songs if the live sound on the day isn’t perfect.

To have your Dance Show Filming done professionally contact us today.

Our Year of Live Streaming Weddings

Luxury Wedding Streaming For Discerning Clients in London and Surrey

Thank you so much for the video. It was absolutely fantastic and the editing was superb. Our family in Norway said they felt as if they felt as tho they were there.I can’t believe how many people were watching. How incredible! A lot of Norway family were all together at one event with a big screen so that accounted for about 20 people. I have watched it back several times and I am so grateful to have the memory and parts of the service that missed. Thank you. Xx

Covid has changed the luxury wedding market for the previous year, adding restrictions to numbers, travel and ultimately meaning more intimate affairs.

With this has brought about the need for giving guests all over the world a VIP front row seat but a virtual online seat. We wanted this experience to be amazing, we really wanted to enable guests online to feel like they were part of the day, using multiple angles, microphones for clear sound, only high quality broadcast cameras and a high quality stream.

Thinking through the experience brought us to mainly using YouTube as our preferred streaming platform. The main reasons for this were the amazing live chat functions that work on mobile as well as TV and desktop. YouTube is also reliable and offers a high bitrate (quality) and backup stream as standard.

Our Eye to Detail

We have received amazing feedback from our live streaming service from guests all over the world including people who work as directors of media companies including CNN. Having compliments from those in the know really give us the reward for our hard work.
social proof live2


Live Wedding Streaming

How We Live Stream a Funeral

How We Film and Live Stream a Funeral or Burial Service

Here at 20 Media we have over 20 years experience in filming events including conferences, award shows, concerts, weddings and funerals. A live stream enables guests to connect and watch real time from all over the world. In this article we look to answer some of the more common questions about streaming a funeral.

Wide Church

Why not Just Use Zoom to Live Stream? (We will answer later when we can use Zoom)

Live Streaming vs Video Conferencing

A common question is what is the difference between our live streaming funeral service and just using a video conferencing software like Zoom?

The main difference is our live stream is like a live TV broadcast that guests tune into and watch Zoom is designed for interacting and connecting a group of people together directly into a webcam rather than showing people an event which is happening from different places around a venue.

Zoom can be a great platform fro small groups to interact and to use depending on your needs, but we would suggest a few practice sessions beforehand to work out kinks and to make sure every participant knows the order of service and how to use Zooms functions such as screen views, muting, chat etc.

To use Zoom nominate a tech savvy host who will setup the meeting, send out the invitations and make sure everyone is connected and speaking (unmuting) at the correct time. They will also be responsible for what everyone for connecting to the internet in the church and for what your virtual guests see and hear from the funeral on your computer at the venue. For professional Zoom streaming services take a look at sites like happily.io or Gathering Us who charge from $1900 to professionally host for you.

What Zoom Does-
- It can be free
- It enables you and the virtual guests to see the other virtual guests
- It can be hosted by you and virtual guests can login and participate without an account
- It enables the virtual guests to say something at the funeral (if connected to the church sound system or separate TV/Speaker)

What Zoom Doesn't do-
- For the guests to see the funeral you have to place your webcam in a good position or connect an external camera
- The quality of Zoom is low, can't be controlled and often details can be missed
- The sound quality of zoom is low and the person speaking needs to close to a microphone
- The length is restricted to 40 minutes on a free account
- Beware the Tech Gremlins - There can often be a difference in delay over everyone's location and internet connection (We advise some practice runs to iron these out)

What Our Live Streaming Does-
- Enables people to tune in and watch the funeral as if they had a front row seat with professional sound
- Is like watching a multiple camera TV production everything is presented to you
- Guests can leave comments and viewer figures can be seen
- People can tune in on their smart TV, Computer , Tablet or Mobile Phone.
- If guests who cannot attend want to say something at the funeral this can be included by a pre recorded video.
- You have a private page for the stream on our website, where you can include a donation link, slideshow or images if requested
- We connect to the internet via our dedicated 4g router

What Our live Streaming Doesn't Do-
- You cannot see the people tuning in to the live stream, they don't need a camera or microphone.
- Virtual guests cannot interact with each other, they just watch the funeral and other thing included in the live stream.

There are several videos on the differences between live streaming and video conferencing (Zoom)
. But here is a good one,

Funeral Filming

Can Just Anyone Watch The Live Stream?

We want to make it easy for people to connect to the live stream, yet only allow those invited to watch. This is why we create a private link to the film which can easily be shared and found by those wanting to watch but will not be accidentally stumbled across.

We have used a variety of streaming platforms over the years and have found that when you only allow certain accounts to watch or hide the stream behind a password there is always the potential for people to have problems connecting depending on the device being used to watch.

When Does The Live Stream Start?

It is our policy to allow online viewers access at the same time he funeral venue opens its doors, so that you can login and connect early unless over-wise requested.
This is often 10-15 minutes prior to the service start time.

wedding streamfuneral

How Do You Film The Service?

The picture above shows the basic equipment we will use to provide the live broadcast of a funeral service. We use two semi static cameras often out of the way at the back of the funeral venue, we also have an operated main camera nearer the front. We use a microphone on the person leading the service and also place a microphone near the readings. This is all run into a video mixer, encoder and streaming machine where we mix and monitor everything. We run a dedicated internet connection and get all video and sound broadcasting online.

Guests login to the private link provided to watch the service live on their smart TV, tablet, phone or computer.

Can Video Messages, Slideshows and Images be Included?

We are often asked to include a reading from somebody who cannot attend the funeral. We suggest the best way to do this is to pre record it ( recorded with a mobile phone is fine) and send it to us as a video message to include at the appropriate time during the live stream. Many people will then also provide it to the church as just an audio file to then play out over the church sound system as if it were another music track.

Using Zoom and Live Streaming Together?
This is a more complex task and It can be done, but as many people who use Zoom (or have watched the Covid briefing at Downing Street) things can go wrong easily with mute, cameras, internet etc and this is not ideal at a funeral. If you would like to host your own zoom meeting - we can provide our professional live stream as the host feed. You would however need to have someone control and organise the zoom meeting for you.

Slideshows can be provided to use to use at the beginning or end of your live stream and work particularly well.

Watching The Video After The Funeral

As well as the live stream we also provide a USB with the final version of the service. This will include anything recording before the service and sometimes the burial after the service. You can also provide us with any images or video clips you want presented over/ along with your final film.